= I am frugal,not Cheap! Spend Smarter but..Live Modestly

A cynic knows the Cost of Everything but..

A cynic knows the Cost of Everything but..
the VALUE of Nothing!
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Friday, April 11, 2014

Save money, watch videos, listen to music online..

'be frugal'.

on youtube.  watch here. Watching talent shows is very popular. look at the voice, America's got talent, xfactor and American idol to see what mean.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FREE! Marketing Strategy Video

'live well,shop smarter'.

watch here.  with Brian Tracy.  Watch this one too with Guy Kawasaki who worked with Steve Jobs.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FREE coffee,Mcafe at ..Mcdonalds

Live frugally.

now til end of week.

Also saved money today at HATAS and got some free clothing for self(2 acrylic head bands,some scarves,gloves) and neighbor who had a baby and friend.(an LL Bean vest) Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Went to Capital City Mission for..

xmas dinner. Was ok and had to stand online 1/2 an hour in bitter cold for presents. lame. Got some makeup and bath products. Also got some free baby clothes for poor neighbor who had baby. Went to Price chopper yesterday and got some dog bones with xmas design on them for 50% off. Got m&m's for 99 cents as were from xmas. great price! best see for 3 bucks. had pies for $1.99 too!  Got 2. Basically buying on sale is the way to go as can use money save for other things pricier like..uh..oh I know booze. happy new years a coming!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Went to FREE art class today at...

library in S. Deerfield, M.A. where I live half of each month. Was fun. Made art boxes.  I also talked briefly to the teacher about me teaching a class or two there for cash.  Need to talk to the director of the library about this.  Earlier in week took a writing class down at cafĂ© in building am staying at for $25 for two hours. We wrote short stories or rather story openers. fun. Also attended a book signing and met the author and bought one of his books on autism and how he deals with it. Inspiring! I go back to NY Monday as need to water my plants. Hope they made it. .Are of the tough variety so trust did.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Disabled and veterans camp and...

can go to museums,etc. for FREE! Also 50% discounts for night sleep overs,use of electric,etc. About time we got something,huh!? Ofcourse seniors get discounts too. Read more  here. As we know,travel in general on local buses,buses are discounted by 1/2 already. So travel cheaply and enjoy your summer folks! Read more on camping free in state federally owned state parks for disabled and veterans here. Click word here for link to more info. You need t6o show your veteran,medicare cards to get discount. Don't gforget to join AARP and get discounts there too. Click link here on AARP benefit discounts.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Show on T.L.C. on extreme couponing..

focuses on people who clip coupons to save money compulsively. Rather than save money,they buy hoards of stuff like 20 ketchup,will never use in a lifetime. Would make some sense if donated some of it. In some case,do,begrudgingly after being pressured by frustrated family who are sick of the items invading their homes. I think this is alot like hoarding. Yes they save like $600 but have alot of things hanging around. Shouldn't buy more until exhaust stash have.

In some cases,make money from coupons as saw in one instance item was 5.99 but reduced to 1.99 and had coupon for $2.50. money owed to from store goes to noncoupon item. Now remember these people buy like 20 items so is $10 to say meat.

Now can look at this from another perspective as perhaps these families are blessed or rather these hubbies are,not to have wives with gourmet tastes. Instead of satisfying their compulsiveness and addictive personalities by shopping,they do this. More cost effective certainly.  You may be asking self  where they get al these coupons. Well many of them dumpster drive! ugh. Can go to paper section of dump as have done it myself when times were tough and get free coupons out of dumpster,standing outside it. Many times they are bagged or tied in twine so not so bad. Great. don't even have to buy a newspaper lol.

I like saving money as much as next guy though..This weekend saved $25. at Price Chopper on food,etc. and at CVS on some food,another $10. Anything save is money that can be used for something enjoy. Friend Bill and I plan on camping this summer and traveling so money saved will go to this.

Between couponing,sales,not buying newspapers,you save a lot. Can also eat at soup kitchens and buy some groceries at food pantries. Also give out clothes and toiletries and pet food.  If live in rent subsidized apt.,use Medicaid,medicare for doctor costs and medicine,only spend money on car maintenance,gas and balance of rent after say an agency like RUPCO,section 8,soldier on,HATAS pays their share and on what can't get with coupons! Neat huh?!

Friday, February 5, 2010

All YOu Can EAt Italian Buffet At Village Pizza for $ 4.99..

"A cynic knows the COST of everything and the VALUE of NOTHING!"

I ate chicken,eggplant,pasta,freshly made cheese pizza,salad and a chocolate brownie. I felt stuffed when I finished and it tasted YUM, yum,Good! Great bang for your buck. Especially when other pizza parlor Franks's charges $ 6.99 for a limited portion, spaghetti and meatball dinner with bread and salad..Also they are alot nicer to deal with than Frank. I suggest you check Village pizza out if you want a great meal for your buck!


sample of Aveda

My new beer bottle cap jewelry

My new beer bottle cap jewelry
by Artzstuf

Reused Clothing..





YARD sale..weekend

YARD sale..weekend
more info on Craigslist



Skiing... on the Moon!

Skiing... on the Moon!
WednesdaYS, LADIES' dAY, HUNTER mountain $53.