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A cynic knows the Cost of Everything but..

A cynic knows the Cost of Everything but..
the VALUE of Nothing!
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

After attending Extreme Coupon Free Seminar at local Hotel..

I have been inspired to clipping coupons from paper with sales to save money. Saved $100 January and February so far. This month so far, $45. Good start!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Saved $12. at Price Chopper today...

'shop smarter, live better!'

I bought a lb. of American cheese for $ 1.99! Had store $1. coupon and manufacturer one for $2, so saved $3 on cheese already on sale for $ 4.99.  Water melons were on sale for $2.99 each and milk for $2.99 a gallon. Also got 1 1/3 lbs. of ,already cooked for $3.99!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Save money, eat expired food...

'be frugal'.

not necessarily bad  Food pantries often freeze meat so says like March but still good as was frozen.  They hand out stale bread and bruised fruit, veggies too, donated from grocery stores locally. Can still work though. Great for soups and juicing. Read more here.

Saved money and ate home tonight...

'be frugal'.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Save money by making your own porn...

'shop smarter,live frugally'.

Now we know a lot of porn is free on the net like on hamster but still many frequent video stores where they rent erotica and sometimes buy it. This couple makes their own and her sis joins in on occasion. I am not lying. I couldn't make this up! Read more here.

Watch some thing funny here with Eva Mendez sex tape.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Get real buying customers cheaply..

shop smarter, live frugally'.

or for close to nothing by using 'Stomper net', the name for getting this seo info for a good price to get Google placement. If on first page for let's say a specific key word like chakra jewelry would be good for someone like me so can be found by search engines and inevitably potential customers, visitors. This traffic is targeted too. You do this as opposed to say looking for your business under a keyword like jewelry where everyone else is. This way we create niche marketing. For this particular blog it would be keyword frugal blog, or keywords saving, making money online, home, entrepreneur. Says business is two things: innovation and marketing.

It's never been easier or cheaper to start a small business as it is now with all the free, cheap info available now on the net. Even having a college degree, education is not so important to be successful as many are designing web sites and fixing computers, offering computer help and so forth with skills acquired on own. As we know too, one can't depend on government or a company to take care of them forever which launched the rise of the entrepreneur. In fact fear is a great motivator.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Went to Michael's craft store yesterday and..

got a mini XMAS tree,1 ft. for $2.! Also got a chess game for 50 cents. cool. I also went to a shop on Central Av. and got my $25. back as was not Chloe perfume but a cheap knock off! shame on you.  Also got a fleece throw blanket at Walmart for $ 2.89!  Was looking for something to throw on hard wood floor by my couch so this works and cheaper than a rug. Just want something warm on floor when get off couch with no shoes on so feet aren't cold.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

great deal!

went to Sears outlet store in Albany in Walmart plaza the other day and bought several pair of panties and name brand bras for a great price. the bras were buy one get one free for $3.00 and the panties were $3.00 each. They weren't my size as didn't try them on there but did when got home. Will return them for my size soon. I went to outlet store in Massachusetts and spent $32. a couple of months ago,not a good deal.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Saved $ Big!

This past week end went to Price Chopper, a local super market for my weekly shopping. There I got a newspaper loaded with three packets of coupons,easily paying for the $2.oo newspaper. Last week only had one in the paper. Found many coupons will surely use as use these items normally.

I also bought 2 28 pound bags of scoopable cat litter made by a less well known, generic store brand, 'Pristine Paws' for $14. Normally pay that for 20 lbs. so good savings. I also bought 128 oz. of generic store brand 'Clear Value' bleach for .99! Normally $2.50.    Saved $19.50 but sadly the weight from all this broke my cart and had to toss it(had spent $32. on this flimsy cart at True Value(or Tony Fallon Hardware, owned by my exfriend Tony who accused me of stealing his credit card. Read more on this soap opera topic on my Closer to Sane blog) hard ware store in Cairo, NY. was always a problem as wheels bent to sides.) Took a loss of $12. but saved in long run with the many coupons.

Had taken a hit last mointh when I had to buy another bike(mine was stolen) from a yard sale for $30 and then it was vandalized(tires slashed),out $30.  Neighbor gave me a knock around bike so helped but still...

My motto is to save as much as can so can enjoy things normally couldn't afford. I treated myself to a hamburger and fries for $5. and a large cheese pizza from 'Bella Pranza' local pizza joint, for delivery for $6.99(had coupons). Saved Saved a buck after delivery and tip but every bit counts.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yard sales are a great place to get a deal...

Yesterday went to one and purchased a couch, a two seater and an air conditioner for 10 each and a microwave for 7 and an area rug for 5 and fan for a buck. Yeh they're used but in good shape and where can you get them
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for this price? Will give them to my friend who needs them.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Save money and stay home this summer..

If you're anthing like me, I am a huge fan of HGTV,especially shows like love it or list it or Cash and Cari or flip this house..I think you are getting the picture. There is huge money and interest in this poor economy with saving money and improving on the homes we have and items in our homes like antique furniture,restoring it,rehabbing our homes with new appliances,knocking out walls for an open plan,fixing other's homes and making a profit selling them and having yard sales,going to auctions and so forth. Many will still be on the roads traveling with gas prices soaring this time of year but many like my self will do day trips to cooler places like VT,as live in NY,Mass. and NH and make my home friendlier on the eyes and staying home this summer!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Show on T.L.C. on extreme couponing..

focuses on people who clip coupons to save money compulsively. Rather than save money,they buy hoards of stuff like 20 ketchup,will never use in a lifetime. Would make some sense if donated some of it. In some case,do,begrudgingly after being pressured by frustrated family who are sick of the items invading their homes. I think this is alot like hoarding. Yes they save like $600 but have alot of things hanging around. Shouldn't buy more until exhaust stash have.

In some cases,make money from coupons as saw in one instance item was 5.99 but reduced to 1.99 and had coupon for $2.50. money owed to from store goes to noncoupon item. Now remember these people buy like 20 items so is $10 to say meat.

Now can look at this from another perspective as perhaps these families are blessed or rather these hubbies are,not to have wives with gourmet tastes. Instead of satisfying their compulsiveness and addictive personalities by shopping,they do this. More cost effective certainly.  You may be asking self  where they get al these coupons. Well many of them dumpster drive! ugh. Can go to paper section of dump as have done it myself when times were tough and get free coupons out of dumpster,standing outside it. Many times they are bagged or tied in twine so not so bad. Great. don't even have to buy a newspaper lol.

I like saving money as much as next guy though..This weekend saved $25. at Price Chopper on food,etc. and at CVS on some food,another $10. Anything save is money that can be used for something enjoy. Friend Bill and I plan on camping this summer and traveling so money saved will go to this.

Between couponing,sales,not buying newspapers,you save a lot. Can also eat at soup kitchens and buy some groceries at food pantries. Also give out clothes and toiletries and pet food.  If live in rent subsidized apt.,use Medicaid,medicare for doctor costs and medicine,only spend money on car maintenance,gas and balance of rent after say an agency like RUPCO,section 8,soldier on,HATAS pays their share and on what can't get with coupons! Neat huh?!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Save cash by selling clothes don,t wear...

Places like Clothes Mentor buy designer clothing and accessories for a third of what sell it for. Not much but beats zip which is what get from Salvation Army.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eat out 4 less....

click here and save money.Isn't just at Wendy's ut subway,Mcdonald's,papa john's...save a dollar on next meal. A dollar is a dollar is a dollar,ok?!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cheap is not always best..

but is just that cheap,not a frugal,smart buy. Read more here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GOOD Deal..

I often eat at buffet near my home on Thursdays as is all you can consume for $5! is at Village pizza min Cairo,NY,greene county,usa. Anyways, has egg plant,chicken parm,sausage,peppers,onions,all different kinds of pizza,baked ziti,yum.

may go to Mcdonald's today for super value meal,double cheese burger,small fries,if ever stops raining here,ugh. need it but really now. I s getting old,fast when goes on for days,mm.

Friday, February 5, 2010

All YOu Can EAt Italian Buffet At Village Pizza for $ 4.99..

"A cynic knows the COST of everything and the VALUE of NOTHING!"

I ate chicken,eggplant,pasta,freshly made cheese pizza,salad and a chocolate brownie. I felt stuffed when I finished and it tasted YUM, yum,Good! Great bang for your buck. Especially when other pizza parlor Franks's charges $ 6.99 for a limited portion, spaghetti and meatball dinner with bread and salad..Also they are alot nicer to deal with than Frank. I suggest you check Village pizza out if you want a great meal for your buck!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The High Cost of Cheap...

Cheap is not always better. Read the book 'Cheap' and find out why. I am reading the book by Schell and am enjoying it. If you make hand made art and jewelry like me, then you can appreciate it when people will pay more for quality,durability and hand made versus factory line jewelry. Most unfortunately want a deal and cheap and thus trade beauty for ugly crap. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bought a Fisher Price Interactive Learning Toy for Children Cheap...

'Freaky Frugalite Pic from her blog'
at Walmart today in the clearance isle. It was originally $ 30 and was reduced for XMAS to $5 and is now $ 2.50! Great deal. Also saw children's electronic guitar/keyboard for $ 5.

I also saw many toys cheap at Family Dollar during XMAS season. Now they have the children's clothing reduced for $ 1-2. Anyone wiht kids knows how pricey toys and clothing can be.

Also bought Russel Stover candy in a nice gift box for me and my family for $ 2.99. It originally was $ 8.99 and then was reduced to $ 4.99 for the holiday and now is $ 2 off with coupon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bought a new color 3-in-1 color Printer at CVS for..

$ 39.99. WAs originally $ 89.99 but was on sale and t hen Ihad a coupon based on my shopping history. All I did was scan it and I received some coupons toward my new purchases! Fun!! The printer is a scanner and copy machine as well. There is no fasx or phone but..I stillhave my old printer for that if I choose to connect it but won't as I have no phone where I live at the moment. (Had had a problem connecting it as Verizon came out three times already! ugh..)

You can also save if you recycle your ink cartridges at Staples and also at the Lexmark web site. Lexmark has a better deal than Staples which offers a few dollars off on your next cartridge. They give you a FREE cartridge if you return 5.


sample of Aveda

My new beer bottle cap jewelry

My new beer bottle cap jewelry
by Artzstuf

Reused Clothing..





YARD sale..weekend

YARD sale..weekend
more info on Craigslist



Skiing... on the Moon!

Skiing... on the Moon!
WednesdaYS, LADIES' dAY, HUNTER mountain $53.